Who am I and why am I here

Hey there students,

For your first blog entry, please post about who you are and why you signed up for this enrichment to create a blog!

I’m Miss Ranahosseini and I teach 7th grade language arts here at Grant. I graduated from the University of Denver with my Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Digital Media Studies. I also received my Masters Degree from DU in Curriculum and Instruction. While in college, I was the editor in chief of our student newspaper, The Clarion, and it was the highlight of my collegiate career. I truly enjoy reading and writing and I am here to help you express yourself and be heard! Outside of school, I love reading, writing, watching movies,traveling, shopping, spending time with my family, and playing with my 9-month-old puppy, Niko!

I really wanted to teach this enrichment because I believe it is SO SO important for you, as young adults, to have your voices heard and communicate using 21st century skills! What you care about is important, and there is no better way to be heard than in writing! Please take advantage of every opportunity in this enrichment! Discover what matters to you, what you are passionate about, willing to write about and fight for!


Welcome to Create Your Own Blog!

Hi Students! Welcome to Create Your Own Blog! I am so happy you have selected this enrichment for Quarter 1! This quarter you will create your own blog and utilize 21st century digital writing skills! Use my blog as a go to for links, helpful information, questions, ideas, and answers! I can’t wait to read all of your writing! Happy blogging!!!